Final Presentation – Part 1

The presentations on Wednesday were all interesting, but I think the one that engaged me the most was the one about women in the gamer world. This topic interest me because I have been around computer games my entire life. I even grew up watching my Dad play his computer games and eventually started to play them myself. I’m not an avid gamer like some people but I do participate in the gaming world occasionally. It was interesting to hear that Victoria thinks that women have already been well represented within gaming culture. The one thing I wasnt too clear on was whether or not she thinks there is a problem with the way women are being treated. Does she think that women are already involved and are not being discriminated against or that they are? I would be interested to see how her comic turns out and what direction she decides to take it in.

The other presentation that really caught my attention was Rebeccas when it came to Asian dating online in relation to cybertyping that we discussed in class. Her presentation was funny and very interesting, but was the humor downplaying a serious situation?  Her presentation made me want to look into this topic some more since I had never really thought about it before.

The first group that went with electronic medical records was also interesting, but I wanted to know more specifically about the people they interviewed. I really like that they interviewed one young and one old doctor because age is a very important factor when it comes to opinions about technology. I know my mother hates all technology and is resistant to learning anything knew, whereas the younger generations embrace technology with open arms. Technology will always be changing and it makes me wonder what new technologies will come about when I’m 50 and if I will be able to accept and integrate them into my life.  This presentation brought up a topic that I have pondered, about whether or not all technological changes are necessary/good. Did WSU really need to put their Center for Civic Engagement interface online? When I tried to volunteer their system was new and poorly designed and discouraged me from volunteering as a freshman. I still like writing things out on physical sticky notes instead of writing reminders on my phone. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, isn’t something that is followed when it comes to technology because it is more about making things easier, which nowadays is synonymous with better.


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