Final Presentations – Part 2

There were two presentations about colorblind racism online that both had some really interesting information. They both had great examples of colorblind racism, but the one thing they both lacked was a solution. There was no part of their presentation that included goals for how to avoid colorblind racism or how they were doing anything but education people about it. Personally, I don’t think educating people will do much, since the whole idea behind colorblind racism is ignoring the fact that it is present and that it is not a problem.  I think it something that younger generations can be made aware of so they can teach their children to not be covertly racist online or offline. Because of this I think any educational materials should be made for younger people so they can have time to absorb it and have time to think about it, and notice when people do it online. It is sad, but older people are set in their ways and have a certain way of talking/acting that they have grown up with. It is harder to change habits and viewpoints of people that have spent a majority of their lives thinking they are not racist.

Ali Mand’s topic of the evolution of a person vlog as their audience grows was my favorite, because it was a topic I have already thought about myself (and am jealous I didn’t think to do it for my project). I have recently gotten more into you tube and watch vloggers a couple times a week now. When I think about it objectively it is ridiculous that people are getting money off of monetized you tube videos for just filming their lives. I am adding views and just watching people go about their day. Why do I and others do that? Even if they are just getting their hair died or going to the park, etc. it is still interesting to watch. I even spent all of December watching a girl’s vlogmas as she was recovering from a nose job all the way up until Christmas (and most of it was her sitting on a couch watching Netflix with her dad). What is out fascination with other people’s lives? Is it just a quick and easy escape from our own? Anyway, you can see vloggers video equipment, clothes, and atmosphere, all get nicer as they get more followers. They also do ask for votes, subscriptions, and ideas for future vlogs a lot more. That interaction is what I love about the internet. It also gets me thinking about the type of person that likes to get involved and comment. I love watching vloggers, but not enough to stop what I am doing and comment on their video or come up with ideas for them. I will like a video, but that is the most interaction that I have with them. Is this my introverted personality converting over to the online space? What type of person/ personality does it take to be a You tuber and commenter? It isthings like this that I think about while watching videos and hear the person asking for comments and likes. I always wonder “Who actually does that stuff?”


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